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Jun 3, 2012
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Hi everyone

I've been qualified in beauty for 6 years and I've done lots of CPD for different aspects of my job. However the one thing I'm least confident in is make up. My level 2 training was ok but I feel I'd like to do a course which will give me confidence and also different techniques and ideas. Has anyone done any CPD in make up that they would recommend? I live in Wales but I'm will to travel and I don't mind the cost as long as it is a good investment. Thank you in advance.
Hello :) I'm in a similar situation. Been in industry since 2010 but want to expand my makeup qualifications/skills/training.

The best course in my opinion would be the vtct level 3 diploma in makeup artistry. Equally you can do units from this as a modular thing. I think this is a good choice of course because it is recognised as a standard and comparable measurement of achievement and it is a widely accepted and understood qualification. I don't know anywhere near wales so you'll have to have a Google frenzy :)
Thanks for your reply. That sounds like something I would be interested in, I will look up the qualification. Thanks for your help [emoji2]

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