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Jun 27, 2011
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I am due to do a make up trial soon. My client wears contact lenses would you advise the client to remove these or leave me them in.

Just need to know I am approaching this in a safe way, as a non contact wearer I am unsure and would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

When I had my makeup done for my wedding, the makeup artist did it whilst my contacts were in and she got waterproof mascara on my lenses. It irritated my eyes all day (I should have taken them out and cleaned them, but thought it would just wash away like normal non-waterproof mascara does when I get it on my lens - but it was like paint, I had to throw the lenses away in the end).

So I would say, do it without lenses in but check first with the bride if her eyes normally water when she puts the lenses in - if so, you might need to watch out for that and touch up a bit afterwards.
Hi I'm a contact lense wearer and I've always had my contacts in when I've done my own makeup or had it done professionally.
contacts in before - otherwise:
1. They cannot see to give you feedback
2. They have to put the contacts in after and they cd ruin all your beautiful work by smudging it


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