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Jul 24, 2010
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united kingdom
Hi geeks ,
Hope everyone is well? Need some help please , been out of doing make-up a long time !! But a friend has asked me to advice and do her wedding makeup.

She has very dark skin and marked , ( she is a white british women) , to much sun she says , and wants to know whats best makeup and cover up out there

any help appreciated geeks !!! xx
Hi do you mean pigmentation marks? Clinique do a fab foundaion its a moderate/ full coverage, its specially desigined to cover that type of pigmentaion its called Even better skin correction make-up. They also do a fab serum that reduces pigmentation in the skin within 4 weeks, it also gives the skin chemical exfoliation so it helps not only to even, but it brightens the skin too!

Hope this helps x
Fantastic!!! Thank you can see purchase this her self? Wedding is in 9 weeks!!! Xx
You could always try a colour wheel concealer also. Depending on how dark the pigmentation is.

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