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Feb 24, 2015
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Hi please could someone help me.
I currently have a hair salon which I want to introduce makeup.
Now the problem I have is I don't have time to go back to college to get my certificate.
Do I need a certificate to get insurance or is it fairly easy getting insurance anyway?

I've seen plenty of makeup courses I can do which are day courses, online courses etc but don't have a well recognised certificate to go with it.
I'm insured for makeup with Salon Gold and I had to tick a box to say I had a qualification from the list of approved ones. I can't imagine that any insurance company would offer insurance to carry out any form of procedure or treatment without proof that the insured individual had received the training to be able to do it safely.
There are many self taught and talented makeup artists who have not done any formal training courses and not got certificates that are working within the industry.

However to obtain vaild insurance and for the insurance company to support any claim made against you will need a vaild certification from and acredited training provider.

Should you take out insurance without a first doing am acredited course and a claim is made against you and they ask for your certificates any you can not provide them, the insurance company will be unable to support you and your insurance will be invalid.

Also some local councils require salons to display certificates and insurance on the walls or for staff to have them available to see on request for treatments they are offering to clients.

Also when doing an acredited course you are taught a lot more than just applying makeup, you taught contra indications, antomy and physiology etc

As someone who is a fully qualified and insured makeup artist and hairdresser , I do feel it is more professional to obtain a formal qualifications so you can be insured rather than just being self taught.

I got my insurance through Salon Gold which do ask for certificates and I know other big name beauty insurers do too.

Maybe instead you could look into hiring a freelance makeup artist who has their own certificates and insurance to do the makeup in your salon and you take a small cut on what he/she would make or have an MUA on a rent a chair bases?
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Thankyou for replying and the advise. I will have to try and find the time to join a course.
I want to be able to do the makeup myself for occasions like valentines, Christmas etc.
Thank you both x
We, like most insurers, require you to hold a qualification in any treatment you offer so it would be worthwhile completing the course. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0345 605 8670.
Kind regards,
The Professional Beauty Team
A course would definitely be worth it. Especially for contra-indications, sanitation etc x

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