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Gateway Workshops

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Includes Luxury Treatments Nail Art and Gel Polish. This is one course that covers all these subjects, students will also learn how to polish the nail properly, as well as contra indications and giving consultations. Aftercare advice is covered on this Advanced Manicure and Pedicure course as well as identifying skin and nail diseases / disorders and infectious foot diseases.

This course teaches advanced techniques which help widen your treatment portfolio.
Advanced Nail Art covers

  • Nail foils Under Heat Lamp
  • Gel Polish Application and Removal
  • Crystal Application and Designs for Finger and toe nails

We offer two manicure and pedicure courses, one that is basic and also this one which offers Gel Polish and Nail art to take your knowledge even further, offering your clients the latest trends. You may have done a manicure course with us or another school and you are looking to expand, if that is the case this is the right course for you.

In this course you will learn how to finish the nails using the latest Gel Polish and Nail art. The advantages of gel polish are that it will maintain the high gloss and colour without fading for between 2-4 weeks. In addition it does not chip or peel and will not snap off when you strike the tip of your nail on any hard surface.

The course fee includes the Materials/products used on the day so no hidden extras to pay, you can get advice as to where to buy what you need to use with your clients from the tutor on the day of your training.

Accredited Certified & Insurable Course Price £150.00

Location: Lancashire, Burnley, BB10 2LF

Gateway Workshops Ltd
0333 121 0742 (local call rate charges)

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