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Feb 2, 2021
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Hi, I am a newly qualified Beauty Therapist Level 2 (1 year exp).
I have just started working in a salon that mainly concentrate on nails, shellac, pro press, manis & pedis. While the basics were covered in my course & the owner is more than happy with my ability, standards, I want to learn more about gel & shellac in-depth removal, prep & application etc.
Can anyone recommend any nail tech courses, gel manicure courses please that are face to face? Not too sure about the authenticity of online courses & was encouraged to steer clear of them at college.
I have been lusting over the Magpie courses would they be a good place to start?

I am starting level 3 Beauty Therapy in September but none of this is covered in that course.

I am based in Hampshire.

Thankyou in advance 😀
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I can't help with specific courses, but I always steer away from those that are brand specific and concentrate on certificated course that go into detail about the products, uses and techniques. Brand-specific courses can limit you if you want to use a different brand later on. I've done training ( not nails) at Omni academy in Kingston upon Thames. Are they close to you?

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