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Feb 28, 2012
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I know nothing about nail services so please excuse me.
I am looking to do a manicure course towards the end of the year so I can offer a manicure and Shellac service, I will book a CND course for the Shellac, but have been to Ellisons to enquire about the manicure courses and am told that they are just for a day and you are qualified :eek: I asked if there was a follow up/advanced course of any kind and no there is not.
So how can it be possible to start from scratch and learn everything in one day?
I want to be able to perform a full manicure service on natural nails, and one days training to me is just not enough, although looking at whats available this seems to be the norm.
Has anyone got any suggestions on what to do or what other courses are available, other than CND, Im near to coventry.
Thank you..x
My nearest college runs a manicure and pedicure course part time from 6 to half 9 one night a week for 10 weeks so roughly 25 hours and I will be doing that one. 1 day course seems a bit rushed to cover everything IMO if you have no previous knowledge.
Hi Night Owl, I was in exactly the same position as you recently and I couldn't quite believe it either! You're absolutely right, one day courses do seem to be the norm. I was really shocked a couple of weeks ago to see one of the major companies advertise a forthcoming course on their Facebook page - covering manicure AND pedicure - the course duration was just 3 and a half hours and the cost was £200. Unbelievable! :eek:

The only longer course I found in the private sector was run by Mavala - this was a 5 day course held in Sevenoaks, Kent. OPI run a 2 day course, with a follow-up assessment day a couple of weeks later. You mention Ellisons - they are actually quite good value, as you get the pedicure day free if you book the manicure day.

Other than that - try your local college, as suggested by Adamantine.

HTH :)
Hi thanks Adamantine and Floss26....I have inquired at my local collage and they do a course over 36wks 3 hours per wk and also cover enhancements, nail art etc but I only want to do manicure..if the course had been more hours over less wks would have gone for it. Or something like your course Adamantine.
Floss I cant believe the 3 half hour course lol no wonder there are so many bodge artists about....The 5 day course at Kent sounds better but is much too far away for me..:cry:

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