manicure table?


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Sep 14, 2006
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hello , this looks like the table on the shopping channels, not a bad price, i suppose it depends on your equipment as it doesnt look that big. I got my table from ebay it is rectangular with a padded arm rest , its quite heavy but managable, really please i got it. Personally i know that i need more room as i would be worried i knocked things off on to carpets etc!:)
Personnally there wouldn't be enough room for me to work on that.
Thanks for your replies. I emailed the seller and you are right, it is too small. Sometimes these things dont look the size they are so thought id check exactly how big it is first!

Thanks again1
I have given this reply so many times but:lol:
When you are mobile you have to remember that the more you carry the longer it takes you to set up and add that to travel time, the longer each day you don't earn. Another geek told us to do this and while I was mobile I followed this great advise.
I carried a big fluffy towel, lightly sprayed with one of my fav room fragrances, I love the smell of vanilla and magnolia, and I always asked a new client to please set up their ironing board with a chair either side, dining chairs are fine but if they don't have them then you can adjust the hight of a ironing board to suit your living room chairs, then I spread my fluffy towel over the board, get my stuff out and get started. Never had a problem with this, and at the end all the bits of rubbish, go into my towel and away with me for safe disposal.
Plus I had that much more money to spend somewhere else, I think these mobile tables are very expensive for what they are.:hug:

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