Mardi Gras Nail Art Ideas!


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Nails by Shelley

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Jan 30, 2003
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Hi all! Just wondering if any of you might have any ideas of any other designs I could work on for mardi gras designs for nail art? I was thinking of a mask, little beads of necklaces, a jester, or jester hat, mardi gras 2003 with confetti all around the words. Those are just some ideas I had, and thought I might try. Anyone else think of anything else I could add? I myself have never been to new orleans for mardi gras and am not sure what ll else represents it. I do know that the colors are purple, green and gold. Oh, I did think of adding balloons on a nail in those colors too! Let me know if you can think of any others I could add? Thanks a bunch!!!
:joker: Fire works spring to mind. Music, dance and laughter. Just need to imagine that on canvas now. You got me thinking to now.
Nottinghill Carneval ............................
Love Ruth :flower:
Ruth, thank you thank you thank you!!! That is a good idea. I don't know much about mardi gras. All I know about it is what I have seen on tv, and that isn't much! :shock: hehehehe! The fireworks are a great idea though! Thanks a lot!!!
don't they throw necklaces and stuff at MARDI gRAS??? :huh: Well, I was thinking hmmm .. You could create tiny beads out of L+P onto of a nail enhancement OR , you could make a hole through the tip and attach little dangly beads and do some sort of art on the enhancement too!! OK just a thought - trying to 'THINK OUT OF THE BOX'!! :queen:
Thank you for the ideas! Sounds really neat! I will have to give those beads a try! Thanks again!!!! :joker:
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