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Oct 3, 2003
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Hertford and London
We need very special technicians who are willing to take on a high pressure, high profile job working as part of a big, friendly and happy team in fabulous surroundings.

The salon is an innovative departure from the usual hair salons. The MN team work throughout the salon carrying out nail services based on Marian's concept and training is provided by the salon and Marian.

January will see the press launch of a new, exclusive range of treatments developed by Marian. The buzz word: 'alchemy meets nail services'!

We need technicians of various skill levels to take part in a new era of MNN@cW
sounds fabulous marian best of luck, :hug:
oh i would love to do this but have been out of doing nails so long now i have probably forgotten all i learnt for my nvq:cry:

good luck with the launch, im sure it will be fantastic:hug:
Tracy, you live close enough! If you're keen why not give it a go?? Send your CV to Jane Worthington 7 Percy St, London W1T 1DH and mention that I suggested you sending it!

PS Thanks Kirsty x

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