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Jul 22, 2008
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Hi, I have had a lady book a massage with me, due to her usuall lady having some time off from doing treatments.
Her usual lady is an Holistic therapist, who does reflexology, reiki, and massage. I don't know much about ME and want to give her a massage that is of some benefit!
She has told me she is in a relapse, is in a lot of pain and can't take to much pressure. She said she likes in on her scalp but shouldn't have Indian head massage. Could anyone tell me why she shouldn't have IHM? And what massage techniques work well for ME sufferers, obviously I will go through with her what areas she specifically wants concentrating on, but if anyone has some experience that would help, I would be very grateful! Thanks. Xx
It all depends, my cousin has M.E but prefers a deeper massage, it's all about tolerance. I personally find IHM too powerful, but someone else might not. There is no reason why she shouldn't have a massage or IHM just keep asking her if the pressure is ok etc, it will do her good especially if her joints are hurting, but be gentle. The only reason why she shouldn't have IHM is if she has problems with her neck or recently had an operation, be careful with cancer. Ask her why she thinks she shouldn't have it, she has probably been given wrong advice by another therapist.
Thanks Joanna, she said someone told her she shouldn't have had it. So yes maybe wrong advice.
I'll just be gentle with her and see what she can tolerate. She says her hips hurt and she likes these doing are there any massage movements other than efflurage and petressage that you would do??
Thanks again. Xx
I think it's just the colleges that tell you not to massage people with this disease for their insurance purposes, so long as you get a full consultation and both client and therapist are aware of what the problems are, then there should be no problem.

Just do what you would normally do with a swedish or aroma massage (I don't know what ones you are trained in, I don't do hacking and cupping on the back or stomach on anyone, only cos I don't like doing it lol) obviously adjust to her tolerance, as I said earlier my cousin prefers a deeper massage, she also likes the colon massage. One move I do for her is on the lower back is from the crack of the bum (obviously not touching, maybe a cm above this area) using thumbs with a small circling movement go up towards the QL then out to the hips and pull back in with your hands, do the same but with bigger circles and repeat, as many times as she allows (if her hips are hurting then this muscle will really hurt, so be gentle), I also use the flat of my fist and push out and down.

The more she has the deeper the massage can be, good luck and let us know how you get on :)
Thanks Joanne will let you know. Xx

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