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Oct 28, 2010
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I'm doing my NVQ at the moment and I'm not keen on the oil we have to use for hand and arm massage. Please could you recommend something else I could use in replacement? Something that would be okay for sensitive skin? Thank you :)
Almond oil is nice. You only need a bit - or most warehouses make their own massage oil which all smell slightly different.

Wouldn't recommend baby oil for a professional service myself.
I use kaeso geranium oil. Clients always comment on how lovely it smells. Personally I think baby oil would be a familiar and soothing scent but would prob decant into something other than the bottle as it would seem a bit basic? Silly I know.
Flipping eck is the worse thing you can put on your skin, it doesn't soften the skin it just sits on top blocking the pores as it's a mineral oil.
It shouldn't even be used on babies imo

We use grapeseed oil, its odourless and does the job perfectly x

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Thank you all so much for the replies!

My mom actually said baby oil too but I wasn't sure about the strong smell, even though I think it smells nice ha, but I think I will try the grapeseed oil. :)
Omg if I went for a professional massage and they used baby oil I'd be shocked, whether its in the johnsons bottle or a dispenser I'm pretty sure I'd recognise the smell. Like someone said before baby oil is a mineral oil and comedogenic, wiping the skin afterwards will not be sufficient to remove it. To the OP please don't start using it, I would recommend grape seed oil, almond oil or coconut oil, but grapeseed is probably the most cost effective and also the least likely that somebody will have an allergy to. I hope this helps xxx
I use grapeseed oil as my hands react badly to almond oil.
I also bought some massage cream in case anyone prefers no oil but that flares up my hands too.
My advice would be - buy small sizes and try till you get what suits you and your clients
MissyMuffin - what massage cream do you think would be good?
I am personally very surprised that a professional therapist would use baby oil. There are so many different massage oils and mediums out there to choose from, why choose baby oil. If I was paying £50 for a full body massage I would not be impressed to receive the treatment with baby oil!
I personally use grapeseed oil, which is odourless and not too greasy. It absorbs into the skin nicely.hth

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MissyMuffin - what massage cream do you think would be good?

Hi. I've discovered I react to lanolin so I'd make sure there isn't any lanolin content. When I find a brand that I could confidently recommend I'll let you know :)

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