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Jul 1, 2014
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North East, England
I want to add more arm moves to my Swedish massage routine but I'm unsure what to actually.

I've been working in a spa for about 6 ish week (first spa job). I'm trying to develop my moves to do the best massage for clients. When ever I get chance in the dual room at work I look over to the other therapist and look at what their doing.

Does anyone on here have good books to read about moves etc or a really good you tube video etc

I'm going to get further training in elemis face&body, lava shell and deep tissue massage. I'm doing lava shell next month not sure about the rest just yet.

Massage sloth on YouTube has fantastic tutorials.
Also book yourself in somewhere for a massage, it's a great way to learn new moves and find out what feels good and what doesn't. Only problem is that I never fully relax and enjoy it when I have a massage because I'm concentrating too much on what the therapist is doing :rolleyes:

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