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Apr 6, 2012
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As a salon owner how many massages would you expect your beauticians to do each?!
As a therapist anymore than 3 a day and it really takes it out of me! Am I a wimp? Haha x
I've worked in a big hotel spa and we literally got 7/8 hours of massage every single day... They literally couldn't care less about us massaging all day.... But me personally I try not to take on anymore than 4 hours of massage a day!!!
When I worked in a spa our programme was mostly massage often up to 6/7 per day. Most clients tend to want stronger massage so it's very tiring doing back to back massage.

Ideally from a therapists point it's much better to have a mix of treatments in between to give a variety and a break from the massage therapies.

Of course the other problem is that good massage therapists often have clients requesting them so whilst the salon may try and keep a balance it often goes out the window when clients keep asking for a particular therapist.
I do have to say massage is most definetly my strong point now after working there whereas ironically it was my least best therapy before I started work there... Now in my own salon I get a lot of male clients who book in with me as 'I may look wee but I'm strong like I do weights' so they say lol
But I do agree I much prefer a real mix of treatments now!! :)
As a therapist and salon owner, I wouldn't ask my staff to do more than three a day, because I wouldn't want to do more than three a day. I think a spa type environment is different, because you go into that knowing what to expect.

Having said that, if they were happy to do more, I wouldn't stop them!!!

We do offer a large variety of treatments, and our massages tend to be aromatherapy based rather than deep tissue x
In my old job the limit was 3 full body massages a day but they were and hour and 20 mins each. So that would be 6 back massages etc
4 hours a day maximum. RSI is a big problem with Massage Therapists. :)

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