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Feb 11, 2016
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I am new to beauty, and was just wondering if someone could answer my question?

I sometimes get dermatitis on my hands and I get small cuts on my fingers, I did read that if you have any cuts to your fingers you should put a plaster over them (this is what I read in the NVQ text book) ? How would this work when performing a massage? I am hoping to apply for a job at a spa but was wondering if I was to get bad hands for a couple of days what would I do? Surly not every therapist is going to call in sick for small cuts on their hands?

Thanks in advance

I once fell and grazed my left hand (long story) but what I did was wear a non latex powder free glove for treatments, just explained to the client that I had cut myself and most of them didn't mind and the massage clients said it felt no different when using the massage medium xxx
Thanks for the reply.... That's good to know I just hope the employer is ok with that aswell x
I personally wouldn't want to have a massage from a therapist who has dermatitis on her hands and I don't think the oils etc would help your condition either. My one friend worked at a spa and found she has an allergy to something she ate for year years she battled with dermatitis on her hands and thought was exposure to acrylics. So good luck and I really hope you able to find out what triggers your condition.
You may want to take a look at your hand wash. I have removed all chemical surfactants from my salon as eventually everyone gets contact dermatitis from it. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the main perpetrator it's a huge dermal irritant, with many manufacturers now switching to cocamidopropyl betaine which is less irritating but non the less still not great. Try something like Dr Bronners
I struggle with contact dermatitis on my hands and currently work at a spa - it's difficult but not impossible. It's actually very common. If I called in sick over this my boss certainly wouldn't be pleased!
I use Derma Shield barrier mousse's not perfect but helps! I've learnt what oils are worse for my skin and I try my best to avoid them. I wash my hands thoroughly after every treatment with a gentle hand wash and then apply fragrant free moisturiser. I never use alcohol gels and I wear gloves when performing pedicures. My hands have good days and bad days but I'm 100% sure that it doesn't impact on the quality of the treatment. The odd occasion that I have a terrible patch I do use a steroid cream from my doctor - but that's a last resort. My next step is to have allergy testing done, so that's maybe something you could discuss with your GP? xxx

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