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Apr 26, 2003
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morning guys...

i have just retrained in nails...i had a 6 year break and only came back to nails this im still a newbie really...i need loads of practice...i originally wanted to do my nvq (i still do) however i was advised to go on the masters classes first...however i dont feel like im good enough to do these...when u think of master u automatically assume a master!!!! someone who is brilliant at nails...thats not me...can anyone from creative or other peeps please give me some advice about this...surely u have to be a pro to do the master classes or isnt this so? as a newbie to nails am i going down the rite track? i feel a bit bewildered by it all at the moment, there is soooooooooo many diff training opportunities, im glad ive found creative, they r excellent, but masters soooo soon????????????????
why don`t you do a conversion course first, or even a 1-2-1, then you`ll know how confident you are with the products. Masters do have assessments with them and if you`re not feeling like a master yet you`ll do better with a bit more practise first
hi i have done the conversion...and im having 1-2-1 in beg july...
I would do your 1-2-1 and then settle back into the saddle!! :shock: Get some valuable experience with your clients and in about 6 months, you'll be looking at your nails and think 'hmmm they're good, but they could be better!!... how do I ...' - THAT'S when you want to start doing Master Classes - you only pass Masters when you have passed Masters Qualification Day! You could do all Master Classes 10 times each (like the Geek :rolleyes: ) if you wanted to BEFORE doing MQD - don't put yourself on MQD until YOU ar ready!! Hope this helps - do nails, nails and more nails - you'll reach a point where you know you are ready; when you are call us and we'll sort you out!! :tongue:
hi...the thing is mrs geek is im booked onto the real rebalance in aug and the sculpting one in sept...i did my creative conversion a few weeks ago and i did ask the tutor and she said aug and sept would be ok...but i am only a newbie...ive got my 1-2-1 beg july...and my trainer hand at booked on masters at leeds, do u think itll be ok? :rolleyes:
we were told in our foundation class about the master classes and encouraged to book on them. Not told anything about waiting until your confident with the products, I took the classes to be just that, classes. I know you can`t pass the masters qualification until being better than competent but the even the prospectus describes the master classes as more learning and doesn`t say you need some experience behind you. I do follow what geeg says about knowing and being able to use your products first, so 6 months down the line seems feasible but us eager beavers out here want to be able to do it sooner. It must depend on how much practice is put in and how well you pick it up but I don`t think anyone out there is telling newbies not to book a masters class yet
you'll be fine BUT you may want to consider doing them again later when you have more confidence ;) If you want to change your dates, you can do that too. 'Master' donates that you have studied your trade and are the best of the best - at it; Samuel did his Master Classes so many times, his tutor resigned (just kidding - about the resignation bit NOT about him doing them all again and again) :rolleyes: Seriously though - everytime you do a class you take home something different - Real Rebalancing is great for every day problems and the perfect rebalance - you can do the classes anytime BUT don't go for MQD until you are sure you are 'where it's at' so-to-speak!!! ;) not planning on doing MQD till if i go on the master classes and just learn learn learn what ive been taught, by 2004 i should be ok, or i will be ok..........
You WILL be OK - we'll see to it!! :study:
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