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Apr 19, 2004
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hi i have been doing nails now for about five years and have built up a regular client base i work in a hair salon but am self employed but i am concerned because i would really like to have another baby soon but dont really know what to do with my clients after having a baby, first time around was easy didn't really have that many clients!
but obviously business has grown and i was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem and how it was tackled, i dont want to loose my clients or let them down, and want to get back to work asap...... so confused!!!! help !!!


well i have just started my maternity leave had last client last friday.i have been doing nails about 2 now self employed (have been self employed since nov) which is when i left the salon i was working in.i have a room in my home.i have approx 20 regular clients and and i have given them all the number of my friend who is a nail technician .i let them know when i would be stopping work about 3 months ago and gave them the number of my friend about a month ago so they could book in with her if they wanted to or if they didnt want to go to her they have had enough notice to go to a local salon .they have all said they would come back to me when i start again hopefully end of july (time will tell :rolleyes: ).

i think as long as you give them enough notice so they can sort out finding else where to go there shouldnt be a prob.but wheather they come back only time will tell.
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