May Ball nail ideas...


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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Hey funky artistes ;) I have a May Ball aka prom nxt month..hence MAY being in the title... :rolleyes:
aaaaaaaaaaaanyway...just wana know if anyone can give me some nail art ideas to go with my dress...

its very similar to the one in the picture (click on the link), only its a darker shade of red, is more of a cotton material and is more slinkier...cos that is sooo gona make a difference!! ;)

Keep painting :D & :D smiling

Hi Layla,

Wow what a fab dress! what about red roses on your nails with sparkly diamantes to compliment the dress!!! Remember if your wearing open toes dont neglect the toes i always do nail art on my toes i feel naked without them being painted!!!

Or how about painting half your nail red the other half white and painting the opposite colour ie red on white and vice versa love hearts that would look fab adding a few leaves to the design. I have done this on a client unfortunatley i have not yet mastered how to post photos on this fab site yet!

Post a piccie of you when you are going to Ball including your fab nails!!!

Lou xxx
Argh no I intend to give myself a full pedicure avec toenail art!! lol! I never have bare toenails when wearing sandals etc!

Like your ideas...especially the red and white one...gona try em out later on my sample nails ;-)

I'll deff post some pics up of me...excuse me if im a lil tipsy in them though...theres gona be a bar there! lol!

Hi Layla,
Ive been visiting your web site which is ace!!! Some really good designs on there especially love the Hello Kitty ones as i am a big fan and collector of Hello Kitty!!!

Just wondering how you do your portraits of your idols they are really fab and the attention to detail is fab what kind of paints and brushes do you use!

Lou xxx :D
I use acrylic paints and just normal thin art brushes that i get from my local art shop. I study art at college so i've literally trained my eyes to pick up on detail because the way I paint and draw is very detailed...i have to get it perfect!

But a good trust magnify glass comes in handy if you want to paint detailed!! And a good light source is a MUST!! Also, I angle my brush, I dont know how and dont know how the hell i came across doing it..comes naturally I think! I use very very little paint on my brush when painting tiny aswell.

and on top of that...lotsa practise!!

Oooohhhh Layla, you are gonna be the belle of the ball in that dress!!! IT IS FABULOUS!!! :shock: :D

I like the rose idea with a few sparkly crystals too!

Can't wait to see what you decide on!

hey laystar love your new sexy pic
LOL thanks, it Miss Nelly Furtado..wish it was me though :( lol!

Hows about stealing, I mean borrowing, those fantasic nails that Christies did & then posted here, for that Volcano lady??

They were stunning. & If you searched enough, I'm sure you could find the exact shade of red to match your dress. & Don't for get to go totally 80s & buy the matching lipstick too.
Hubba Hubba
ok, thought just came to me, am I too late? did you aleady have the ball?
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