me the customer this what i think .


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawadee ka

I think watch dog can do some bad and maybe some ladys them speak too much first after see tv but then them quiet .

I think all nail tech that have train good and do everything number 1 not have problem because customer have there heart in them and know nail tech have good care and take care everything good.

I think nail salon that do no good have problem and loss customer to good salon because lady now know about what bad and what no good and what good .

I think lady like ruth and lady come geek not have problem because customer know them do every thing number 1 .

I think after have tv if them talk bad after customer come your shop customer look every thing you do and look all your product and file everything your shop and then after them happy when them see you do good and no have worry .

I think if i was have nail my hand i carefull and want see product in bottle and see no mma and see shop everything number 1.

I think after have tv lady who do nail bad and have shop not everything number 1 have problem for sure and if she make customer hurt before lady make problem for her salon maybe.

I think after tv if things not quiet and news paper come make problem same tv not good for nail tech and salons but if every body who do good not worry too much because them good them job and good heart .

I think every body who do nail here in geek good just do same before and everything come good for them lady for sure .

I think today i think too much what you think .

Kop khun ka mui
I think that I hope you are right and that good things will come from this exposure.

As you say it will keep us all on our toes and maybe even make all of us look again at what we do to ensure that everything is done correctly and safely in our salons. After all it is our number one responsibility to look after the health of our clients nails.
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