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The sole man
Apr 3, 2015
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Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend.

So I'm a male nail technician, looking to do extra treatments and really want to do beauty therapy.

Now waxing is on the course and it's something I will do for the qualification but won't use again.

What I want to know is to the ladies on here, if you needed brow/lash, facial, tanning treatments etc would you be comfortable to have them completed by a man?

Honest answers please?

Any guys on here views on this also would be helpful :D
Wouldn't bother me whether you are male, female or alien as long as you're good at your job x
Once you were a good therapist it wouldn't bother me.
Most treatments I'd be totally happy with. Anything that involves me stripping off- tanning for example- no way. Possibly if they were gay I would feel a little more comfortable, which I am aware is stupid but it's my own anxieties. I hate lines and prefer to be starkers or at least in a thong. Any man who saw my saggy boobs would be scarred for life! I'm very body concious and don't feel particularly comfortable being sprayed by women either tbh. I don't feel comfortable enough to have ANYONE wax my downstairs. I wish my husband could learn beauty therapy! I keep trying to convince him to do a make up course so he can do mine when I'm hungover lol.

So yes to all treatments that don't involve removing any clothes!

Don't dismiss waxing, you could do male waxing and tanning etc and I'm sure there are many men who'd prefer a man to perform those kind of treatments. X
It wouldn't bother me at all, if you're good at what you do and passionate that's all that matters!
Thanks you everyone for the answers that's really re assuring.

I have considers that the waxing may be useful for male waxing etc.

I will advertise well that I am male just so there are no surprises. And I will make sure that everything is arranged so the client is comfortable :D

Has anyone ever met or know of any make beauty therapists?
I'm a male nail tech and I doubt I will broaden my skills on other beauty areas so I am sticking to nails and more specifically, nail art.
How come joe? Do other areas not interest you as much as nails?
We had this problem in our salon.
Boss was advertising for new staff.....had a male apply....CV was pretty impressive but with our clientele (alot of older woman and a bit posh lol)
She decided to ask a few clients through the week how they would feel about a male doing there brows/facial/waxing etc....a fair few of them said if they are gay then fine.....if there straight no way.......a minority of them didnt included.
I can understand peoples reservations but also think its a bit unfair as men can do as good of a job as a woman.
How come joe? Do other areas not interest you as much as nails?
I'm more into the art side of things when it comes to nails. Other areas in beauty don't attract me.
I can understand momma bear, I mean I don't want to do waxing other than brows. I wouldn't be comfortable waxing a lady.

I'm going to do the course and even if it means o have a select few clients then that's fine because it's what I want to do.

In time I think it will get there on the male side! I hope.

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