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Hi there. I am a Creative Trained Technician, trained by Ketan Patel. I have been doing nails for just over 3 years. I am Freelance working from home and 2 days a week at Tanning and Beauty Salon. I have been at new salon for 7 months and am fully booked for the days I work there. Salon owner is very keen and lovely to work for so no problem there. Only problem is that she has noticed that I can do a full set of PF in an hour and a half and is booking me clients back to back some days from 10 in morning until 8pm and by the time I get to last client I know that my nails are not as good as they should be. Sometimes I feel that it is because I haven't had time to really clean my brush properly between clients and the brush feels gooey, so the ratio doesn't feel right. Also towards the end of the day my nails seem to be getting thicker and my smile lines wonky. I have told salon owner to make sure from now on to give me 2 hours between clients and one hour for lunch, otherwise I will burn out. As I said the salon is new so I can understand that she wants to fill my days up, but I feel so tired at the end of the day. I am one assessment away from my NVQ Certificate and absolutely love doing nails. I have also just qualified in waxing to give myself a break from non-stop nails and love doing that too. Is this a similar problem for nail techs. How would you advise I prevent burn out. Look forward to any advice.
Boy I know this problem only too well!
I would hate to see your enthusiasm slowly being depleted so I hope these few tips help you.

It is bad for your health (just for a starter) to be sitting hour after hour with hardly enough time to go to the bathroom let alone stop for lunch!! That's how they work in the sweat shops of Calcutta!! :rolleyes:

You are absolutely correct to book 2 hours but make it work like this for you. 1.5 hours for your full set or rebalance THEN you have 30-45 minutes to fit in the odd repair or repolish when needed and still have 15 minutes to s.t.r.e.t.c.h and grab a bite, clean your table and brush etc and go to the bathroom AND most importantly, keep up the standard of work that you are proud of.

Of course you can't do your best work at the end of a day like you are having. You must be firm about this with your boss. No one else in the salon will be expected to work back to back as you are doing ALTHO you are not alone. MANY good nail technicians work like you are doing BUT it is not good or necessary - That reminds me of a new topic!! Watch out for new topic BOOKINGS.

How lucky to have been taught by my gorgeous friend Ketan ... adore him!
Let me know if this has helped and good luck always.
Hi there, thank you so much for your reply. I guess I knew what your answer would be.!! I started my training 4 years ago and can't believe how far I have got since then. Ketan was a real inspiration to myself.

My daughter Ava was only a few months old when I started and I can't believe that I had the confidence to go mobile almost straight away, then after 6 months of doing cut price nails (to get my confidence) set up in a room from home. Sadly my relationship broke down with my daughters father, but still I have been determined to be the best Nail Tech I can be. I worked in my first salon for two years (2 days a week) and continued with my clients from home. With proceeds from my divorce bought myself a lovely 3 bedroom flat with an office which I have transformed into a nail room and still continue to do clients from home. Also one of my longstanding clients opened up a tanning salon and offered me a job. Only been there 7 months and it is going so well. Also been doing my NVQ and have only one assessment to go, trained to do waxing and am doing that as well at salon. My daughter has now started school so giving me more time to work. Sorry I have gone on a bit, but what I really want to do is become an Educator eventually. What steps do I have to take in order to do this. I can't believe I am now doing Nails (something I love doing) after being a secretary until I was 38. Well it looks like my 40's are going to be really productive. Thanks again for your support. I know from Ketan that you were an inspiration to him.
You have done so well ... congratulations :!:

If you feel you have something to offer Creative, then the process is not difficult BUT there are certain criteria that need to be met. Getting your NVQ is important and all of our educator/ambassadors have it so good luck there.
Next you need to be a Creative Master Technician which goes way beyond the NVQ. It is a lot of fun to do and takes you into the minutia of technique and an abundance of knowledge that you never knew existed!!
You will then attend a pre-qualifiying day and if you pass ... you're off to the Creative Institute to be trained to be a Creative Educator/Ambassador!
First move is to contact Samuel Sweet by letter and send him your request to be an Educator ... he will take it form there. We do a training once a year only and it is 5 days long so it is best to get your leter off now so you get in the loop for 2003.
Just by way of inspiration ... I told Jacqui Jefford when she turned 40 ... everything I have acheived in Business I have done since I was 40!! Good age to start.
Best of luck to you. :thumbsup:
Thank you so much for prompt reply. I have done all the Master Certificates, i.e. Balancing Act, Lets Get Real, Makeover Magic, Creative Illusions. I did these in 2000. Do I now need to do a Master Qualification Day to get Masters Certificate. Do you have address that I write to Samuel Sweet for Educator information. Thanks again so much. I am even thinking if I don't become an Educator I would love to have my own salon one day.

You did all that work and didn't do Masters Qualification??
Best speak to Ketan and see what you need to do. Classes have moved on since 2000.

Yes you do have to do your qualifying day to get your certificate ... it isn't enough just to attend the classes, we need to see that you have put into practice what you have learned :) But I'm sure you will have no problems there.

Will email you samuel's address privately as he could be mobbed by 'groupies' mail if I post it for all to see and I don't want Mrs. Geek getting jealous. For any others who may wish to know Samuel's address .. I charge a large fee for this service :D
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