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Hi there,

I have just been approached by Marie Claire magazine regarding the Atkins Diet. Myself and Salon Owner are going to be featured in a future edition of this great mag. It is going to obviously talk about our success with the Atkins Diet (salon owner has lost nearly 2 stone), but is also going to mention that I am a Creative Trained Nail Tech. Will this be good publicity for our salon and Creative Nails.

Also one of my clients who is in public relations has asked me if I would gather some information and do an article in Marie Claire about Good Nail Salons -v- non-standard salons. I was wondering if you could give me some information on what would be relevant to say. After reading the recent article in Company Magazine, I would like to put across the other side of the spectrum i.e. excellent technicians and good salons. I would like to use this opportunity of promoting my skills and also mention the fantastic training I have had with Creative. Any views appreciated as I have to gather information together within a couple of weeks.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you both!! Marie Claire is an excellent forum for any PR. Yes it would be wonderful to put the 'professional' side across. Maybe we could chat next week and I can email you some info on NSS v Pro Salons! Thank you for thinking of us! PR is a great way to get messages across to the consumer - especially if you can really get the attention of the journalist you are talking to! You need to know exactly what you are going to say and get the point across as clearly as possible! We can maybe work on that together!! Look forward to speaking to you next week - PM me your number and we'll speak!! ;) :)
Thats great news, our side can be put across for all to read. Marie clare is a well read mag
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