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Apr 11, 2011
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To enhance your existing hair extension services, or as an introduction to hair extensions the micro weft course will open doors to new clients for you. This course is available to all professional and non professional hair dressers. As an approved VTCT centre ALL of our training courses are delivered at the highest standard and include our exclusive on line tutorials and assessments to support our trainees throughout their training. For already practising technicians the course will also include 4 hours of practical work . It is also a great introduction into the world of hair extensions for those wishing to become technicians. For new technicians this will be a full day course covering ALL aspects of hair extensions from:

Natural Hair Structure – and how this can impact on hair extensions, Health & Safety, Hair Types, Hair Selection, Contraindications, Consultation, Colour matching & Aftercare, Fitting & Removals, Spacing Techniques, Styling & Blending – overview, Maintenance, Business Development – to name but a few!!

Traditional wefts have grown in popularity over the last few years, however, micro weft is the safer and much more effective alternative to the weaving method, the traditional weaving methods has been proven to cause hair loss and traction alopecia among clients and is prone to slipping.

This fantastic new take, combines weft application and the micro ring method. The weft is attached in strips using micro rings which reduces fitting time dramatically. This training course will safely demonstrate application, ensuring correct weight distribution is adhered to. (this is vital in this method). This method is fantastic for clients wanting instant length, without the use of glue or hours spent in the chair!!! Micro weft Hair Extensions last up to approx 4-6 weeks before re-adjustment is required.

Course Costs: These prices are the introductory prices for the course

Beginners - £320 + vat (£384). This will include a full kit which consists of:
Professional Kit box, Training Head, Lush-Us Uk Colour ring, section clips, hair extension brush, tail comb, weaving thread, weaving needle, loop needle, micro ring pliers, weft and micro rings.

Practising Technicians (not trained with Lush-Us Uk) - £250 + vat (£300). This will include a micro weft kit which consists of:
Lush-Us Uk Colour Ring, Weaving thread, weaving needle, weft and micro rings. You will need to bring all other tools to the training .

Practising Technicians who trained with Lush-Us Uk - £225 + vat (£270). This will include a micro weft kit which consist of:
Weaving thread, weaving needle, weft and micro rings. You will need to bring all other tools to the training with you.

We require a £150 deposit per person for any training with the balance being due in full 3 days in advance of the training by card payment. At the time of booking you will receive an Induction manual which will prepare you for the practical consultation which you will carry out on the training day.

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