Hi geeks so I am getting microblading next month I have to say I'm rather nervous , never had a tattoo of any kind before as too nervous in case I don't like it etc , anyway if anyone could give me any tips of what pre care what to take with me the therapist said numbing cream , are there any good ones you can recommend ? And what I can do to my brows I was going to tint them before I get them done along with leaving alone now and not waxing them for now until they are all healed , any advice input is always welcome :)


Hi, ive just signed up to a Microblading course and as far as im aware I will be providing the numbing cream for all clients, I would of assumed that anyway. Ive had treatments in the past that required it and its always been provided by the therapist. I will be sending two plasters to each client for them to wear previous to the treatment, one containing pigment and the other containing numbing cream, this will provide a sensitivity test to ensure its safe to carry out the treatment. I have also been given forms for clients offering pre and aftercare along with consent form, have you had any of this? I can send you info on how to prep but you really should be getting it from the actual therapist, especially the test x

Ive just noticed the date! Sorry, bit late, how did it go x