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Apr 30, 2010
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South Yorkshire
I am new to SG. I am actually a nail tech just finished L2, start L3 next month so you might see me more around here!

But anyway, I would like some help with a problem of my own. I have milia and try as I might I cannot get rid of them. I am loathe to have surgical extraction but I may have to go down that avenue soon. From reading bits on the net and on here I have learnt that I should try a face steamer and some face wash/scrub with hyaluronic acid/AHAs and S? acid. I am NOT a beauty therapist and dont really know much about skin TBH but I would like some product recommendations that I could perhaps purchase myself.

Failing that could anyone recommend a good beauty salon in the Barnsley area that does milia removal and one that can give me a good 'prescription' for dermalogica.

Thank you so much everyone for your help!!
(sorry for the long post!)
On my L3 course we werent shown how to do extractions and were told that most insurances wouldnt cover you as the only way you can remove them is by piercing the skin.

The milia are a blind cyst/spot, no amount of scrub or squeezing will get rid of them and they only way to remove the fatty deposit is to break the skin. This is where the problem lies, if you break a clients skin, scar them or make them bleed you can be open to prosecution. This freaked me out so I've never persued milia extraction as a service I want to offer.

Microdermabrasion can help Milia. I have quite a few successes with clients who have this problem and if you combine it with a full MDA facial its fab.


Heather x
try advanced cosmetic procedures(formally know as advanced electrolysis) i perform this in my salon and is less invasive than the old fashioned sterilise a needle and squeeze out. the electric current when inserted into the milia melts it and there fore allows the now liquid milia to be easily extracted, it almost seeps out when withdrawing the needle.
i am in preston, lancashire.
Thanks for the abfab tip nikkiseed. Have a client with several milia who wants me to deal and now I can with my electrolysis machine!! x
Thanks for the abfab tip nikkiseed. Have a client with several milia who wants me to deal and now I can with my electrolysis machine!! x

Sorry to ask but are you trained or insured to remove milia with electrolsis, as if it is not done properly it can leave scaring.

But i find that this is the best way to get rid of milia.
you are best to use electrolysis, its simple and safe* heat is passed down a probe and place on/in the milia. this just dries up the trapped sebum. A small scab may appear in about 24 hours usually looks and feels like dried skin. Should be healed within 3 to 7 days. * Always have a consultation first, and see what experience they have. a practioner has to have extra insurance to do advanced electrolysis. Look for someone who specialises in electrolysis. hope this helps

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