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Sep 10, 2003
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Ok all you budding nail techs out there heres one for you!!!!!

I have been a trained tech now for about a year and have just about perfected L&P (still have a few probs with perfecting the blasted smile line!!!!)

I have read in some of the posts that if you sculpt with your brush there will be minimal filing involved HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! - sculpt with brush not file is the way i was taught but maybe i didn't perfect it enough

I do fine i think but still find that i need to file a bit at the end - not so much on the white but zone 2 - especially

Is the trick not too much product and pressing in the product

Am i confusing myself (or even you guys?!?!?) :confused:
What sculpting with the brush and not the file implies is that you try to create the finished nail with the brush and then it will not be necessary to do much more than smooth the product to a high shine. It shoud not benecessary to refine the shape if the sculpting is done well.

Obviously this does take time and the practice you have put in I'm sure has paid off. It is a common thing for nail echncians too add more tha they need in Zone 2. Just try it using a smaller bead and you will be there!! Pressing the bead will not reduce the size of zone two if yu are using too much product in the first place.
Thanks Geeg!!!

Just another quickie!! lol - when I put the bead on i wait a few seconds then start to press out I always have a problem when i get close to the edge (if yo uknow what i mean) i turn my brush they way Angela taught me because she said that you should have a gap between the nail plate and the skin but i seem to always have problems when it comes to this bit i either get on the skin or go to far away from the end. Does this make sense - you wouldn't think i trained a year ago and still having these problems

Well what I do is:

Place the bead in the middle of the nail .. wait a second or two ...
Keeping the flat side of the brush always angled towards the curve of the nail, I press out to the edge. The last press at the edge, I also push the product towards the cuticle as well, to thin out the product at that point so that it will not flow on to the skin. This also helps to press the product firmly in place as well.

The angle of the brush is the most important thing for it is the angle which will make sure that any excess product is guided back towards the centre of the nail and not onto the skin.
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