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Nov 23, 2011
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Another planet.
I have a lady who would like her daughters nails painted. She is 9, now I dont usually do treatments on anyone under the age of 12 but that a whole other thread. If you guy do princess parties and all of that stuff hopefully youll be able to help. She wants to come in to the salon to have them painted, what would you do as part of the treatment? I havent seen the girl but generally being that young Id be inclined to just do a file and polish, would you do any more? And would you charge your normal price??

I have had this. I just did a file and polish and charged my file and polish price. Your still using your skills, products and time regardless of age.

Hope this helps!

Lilian x

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To be honest I was thinking Id do the same.

Does anyone do any different?

Thankyou for your reply :)

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