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Nov 3, 2010
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Can anyone please explain to me how the french styles of Minx work?
Is it just me!? Or is the designs extremely out of proportion when measuring up agains nails and toenails?:eek:
Help is much appreciated :)
I applied the french minx for the first time today on toes. i totally agree, it seems to be out of proportion. I had to do as lot of customising to get them to look decent. ;(.......I absolutely love minx but I'm not impressed with the french styles. i have someone booked in for it next week on fingers and toes....and I'm a little worried because the nail bed part on the minx seems rather short!!
Hi I done last week and had a total nightmare with them. Like what has already been said alot of customising was done took about 1 1/2 hours making sure all the tips looked the same size. Didn't help client had cut her nails to as short as they could be!


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Hi all can i ask whether you are using a new template? as i have successfuly french minxed nails and toes before with fab results. However, they were all old finger and toe templates.

Yes the ones I used were the new template. I much prefer the older ones!!

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me too! not liking the new templates at all im afraid.:cry:


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