Minx or Shellac fingers and toes? Help!


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Mar 29, 2012
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Hi, I'm starting a new business and want to offer either minx or shellac. I will be doing manicures and pedicures probably on an older clientele...also could you give me some ideas on what you charge...many thanks :)))
Shellac will appeal to a larger Market, minx isn't for everyone! What do others in your area charge? X
I agree- shellac will most probably appeal to the bigger market. I find younger people tend to go for the minx.
When i did my training, I was told that i should charge a min of £25.00 for shellac or 50% more than a standard manicure. I opted for £25.00 as that was better for my area
I agree, I'd opt for Shellac, which will appeal to a much wider age range. You don't see many people of say 50 and over looking for Minx, and it doesn't appeal to quite a large proportion of the under 50's either so a limited market for sure

I'd go for Shellac then see about introducing Minx at a later date to offer as well, but Shellac will be your bread & butter x

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