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Jun 19, 2010
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lytham st annes
I am just about to try minx for the first time on a school mum friend!
I will have to use hairdryer as I have not saved enough pennies for lamp and dont know how I will find it.

I have the fingers one, but she now says she wants toes!!!!!!!ARghghgh
Can this be done???
How do you trim minx???
Should I prep the nails as if having extensions i.e dehydrate the nail plate????
I don't have a glass file, can I use normal file this once??????

Sorry for all the questions its just she is going on holiday tomorrow and really wants them on. She has had them before at a salon and I have explained that I don't have all the stuff. I think the fact they are free means she is not bothered.

Thanks for any help
Hi Sam,
did you not do any training for Minx before/or at the time of purchasing the product? Struggling with a hairdryer, no Minx file (ever other types of glass file are not ideal with Minx, never mind anything else) and no training is going to make this difficult for you :(
I love Minx, it's an incredible product with jaw-dropping results, but only if you have the right tools for the job. I'm concerned you are going to be put off using the product. Your client is unlikely to be a good advert for you as you don't have what you need to get this Minx Pedicure right.
I'm so sorry if this discourages you Sam, but I believe struggling through this Minx Pedicure will discourage you even more!
If I were you I'd do something else for this clients toes and promise her she'll be the first to get a fabulous Minx Pedicure from you once you have all the tools and equipment you require. Using a hairdryer to do Minx really is the pits.
Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope you can see why I feel this way.
Good luck with your Minxing once you have what you need! :)
Well I've done them! I have to say that you definately need the minx file and lamp...... But wow, they looked fab! The woman was really happy, she knew they might be rubbish and she has had them before so knew what to expect. They took me over an hour and were quite fiddly as they were meant for fingers not toes.
I definately want to attend a course doing them and will invest in the things to do them properly. I didn't invest in stuff as was not sure if I would like them or not!
I did tell her if they were rubbish I would remove them, so that would protect my reputation.
Now I want to try shellac :lol: I always do things the wrong way, have a go first see if I like the concept etc and then do a course lol
well for an expertimenter like yourself lol.... the nearest CND place to us (julia moran) regularly does taster and demo sessions. this way you get to see the product, ask the questions and see it an action BEFORE you embark on the training. DO you have one near you? maybe they have a facebook or email service you could subscribe too .

Oh you experimental types, you do make me giggle......... I work with one. its like being on a rollercoaster for us cautious types.........ha


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