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Aug 2, 2005
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According to Nail Talk Radio's facebook page, Minx will be launching a "professional retail" line. I assume this means it will only be sold in salons? Will this be available in the UK? I wonder if they are the same size as the professional packs and the price trade and RRP.

I can't decide whether I think this is a good idea or not. The profit margin is in the service time for me and the fact that you can get more than one set from a pack. If a client buys their own pack and asks me to apply them.... what would I charge? How will I work it out so that I'm not losing money if they get more than one set from their pack? What do I charge if they bought the pack in another salon?

Also, if I'm selling a retail pack, am I not saying to clients "its easy, you can do it yourself"?

I am obviously only seeing the negatives, someone please tell me the positives. Maybe I am jumping the gun and it won't even be in the UK.
I think They had a retail line before with OPI .
If you have these questions then why not ask Sweet Squared; they are the UK Minx importers, who else could answer your first question but they themselves?

We have retailed Minx in our salon to clients who are going away and want to buy the Minx in case of emergencies. Clients don't apply them as well as we do, and they haven't got the right equipment, but it saves having to remove all of their Minx if they happen to mess one up on holiday.

If a client came into the salon with their own packet of Minx, we would charge them exactly the same for the service as we charge anyone else!! Doesn't matter if they have bought the Minx themselves. The service price is the service price. Why would anyone think to do anything different?

The fact is that applying nail wraps is easy! It is applying them so they last which isn't! Lol
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I think They had a retail line before with OPI .

I don't remember that, I thought OPI only did Nail Applique. Some of the American girls on facebook have said that Minx did a retail line in Sephora, I don't know about that.

I've never thought about selling my current Minx strips to clients, never been asked.
I agree with your comments juicy Lucy... Its hard enough out there with all the people who want top class products at rock bottom prices. The last thing we want is more clients DIYing! I personally always cut out a spare minx so that if they lose one (it's nearly always the small toes that are affected) while abroad or if they live a distance away they can at least reapply rather than have the whole effect ruined. The customer really appreciates the gesture & you just take it back from her if it hasn't been used (9 times out of 10) when she returns for her next minx service. Happy therapist/happy client!

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