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Mar 3, 2013
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I have read here that some of you mix Vinylux to create bespoke colours.

Can I ask how you do this? Do you just mix the amount that you need and if so, what do you mix it in to stop it drying out too quickly.

I'd like to give it a go so any help is appreciated.
Yes you can mix vinylux together to create special colours.

Mixing a tiny bit of vinylux is hard because it dries so quick, so it's better to buy some small bottles, you can get them on ebay and the internet and decant your colours into one and then shake to mix, that way you have enought if a client wants it again make sure you write down exactly how much you mixed and what colours for further ref.
Thanks Maz101. Do you have any recommendations for bottles for I imagine there are plenty to choose from but not all good quality?
Ok, I have found some bottles.

So I want to mix Svelte suede with some Grapefruit sparkle (client usually has a layer of Grapefruit sparkle over her SS)

Any idea what quantities to try? 50/50 or shall I go for 2 thirds SS and one third GS?

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