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Jul 20, 2004
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Gillingham - kent
every1 must help ban mma in england, it is dangerous, and should not be allowed. go to , the k-sa-ra site and sign the petition.
go on u no u want to!
Thank you for the support, im getting there slowly! I need more people to sign, got to get to 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've just signed it and you're now up to 328 signatures! Go girl!!!!!!
I've signed it too - I've never come across it personally but have read loads about it in mags & on this site - why are we allowing this in the UK when the US has banned it? Crazy & dangerous. Good luck Rachel, we're all behind you! xxx
i have just signed it you are up to 330 now, good luck with this i am right behind you !

Kel x
Hey Chocolate, the numbers are climbing!!!!!!!!!!
Hi.. 333 now!!!
I've just signed the petition!

Does MMA smell like rotten dried fish when you file it??? I've asked this question before, but lost the thread
YES IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the support guys! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
339.....getting there Rachel...:)
Just signed it myself, up to 341 now, really hope you get more. well done to you Chocolate.
just signed too...
345 !!

Come on everyone...
I just signed.......346 and counting!!!
You know it makes sense!
Debz xxx

I signed it ages ago and we need more support, i hav'nt personally come accross MMA in my salon, but Herman as you are aware is a dental technician and uses MMA daily to make dentures i had never smelt it before i thought i would have a little sniff just to see...................OMG it stinks, im sure if a salon were using MMA you would know it is sooooooooooooooo strong.

Keep signing girls and hopefully we will get there

Just made it 347
Good luck and we all support you

:) Have just signed the petition! Good luck!
Just signed your up to 350 now x x x
Hi Guys just got my boyfriend to sign as thanks to me he knows quite a bit about nails now lol!! and ive passed the petition to a few friends so hopefully they will assist.
Spoke to the MP today, if i get to 1000 he will take it to Parliment!!!!!!!!

I must say its only to ban MMA in the use of Acrylic liquid for nailsand not for false teeth, i personally have 2 false teeth thanks to MMA used in the right place!!!!!!!!!!

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