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Jul 29, 2020
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Hi guys - I am super new to this website and have always been a reader of forums and never posted but I need help!
I've got 6 years salon experience and NVQ Level 3 college training beforehand, and after all the corona drama I absolutely cannot stand working in a salon anymore! Does anyone else feel the same? I am desperate to go mobile but I need some advice.
What is the best way to advertise? If I leave my current workplace I'll have a certain period of time where I cant advertise in my area - so it will just be undercover word of mouth for a while.
How do you wash your clients colour off? I've seen portable basins etc, are these worth buying? Or just head over the bath?
I've seen some people purchase the floor covers which I think are a great idea as I do a lot of balayage and the thought of doing freehand and getting colour on someones carpet terrifies me.
Insurance/HMRC/council? What is the process and what should I do? I feel like there is so much behind it all I dont know where to start.
Any tips/tricks/helpful things you've learnt along the way would be much appreciated as I am so used to salon life, but cant wait for a fresh start.
Lastly, do you enjoy being a mobile hairdresser? I am feeling very daunted so would love to hear some positivity about being mobile, but obviously there are highs and lows to everything!
Thanks in advance,
Chloe :)


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Sep 23, 2020
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Hi there

I've been mobile for last 18 months. This is another thread where I wrote quite extensively on the topic ☺

All the best 😊


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Aug 11, 2011
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What is the best way to advertise? If I leave my current workplace I'll have a certain period of time where I cant advertise in my area - so it will just be undercover word of mouth for a while.

Sorry, I’ve only just read this post but others might read it in the future and think it’s correct.

Whatever the contract says that you signed, they can’t legally stop you from advertising your services, so crack on straight away.

Tracey xox

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Mar 27, 2018
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Hi, I started off mobile about 19 years ago, and now come back to it after having kids,
I love it, kept some old clients who I did in the salon, and still finding new clients.

I now wash people’s hair at the kitchen sink, if they’re worried about colour splashing we just put towels around the sink, or some even go wash colour off themselves, saves your lower back as over the bath has killed my back, most use their own shampoo and conditioner, or I will recommend one for them to use,
I now use plastic disposable capes as my washable ones were not holding up to the 60 degrees wash!
it is a big step but so rewarding, check on the gov website for help with covid related news,
Set up your self assessment account with HMRC, you can do both your tax and NI on there, and I use salon Gold for my insurance, but before when I started I just used a local company.
I do a lot of families with young kids, so mum might have a colour and you can do it like a salon where cut others while colour is on, and most small kids have a booster seat or high chair so find that’s a good place for cutting, as well as an iPad and treats to keep them still!
Set up a Facebook/Instagram page, not sure on rules for advertising from your contract but unless your previous employer wants to bother taking you to court doubt there is much they can do? Find a local magazine to advertise and although have to pay they could be good start, rest is word of mouth,
Good luck on your journey, get lots of photos when you do clients and have fun x

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