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Mar 19, 2010
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I'm a mobile therapist soon to be offering spray tanning. I haven't decided which brand to use yet but I was interested to know if the brand you use has a retail line?

If yes: what are your most popular products and, being mobile, how much retail do you have in stock to sell at any one time? Or do you just order if a customer wants something?

If no: do you sell retail tanning products from another line, or sell/recommend non-professional products?

I also don't take card payments at the moment so am concerned that there might be clients interested in retail, but then won't have the cash on them to buy any lol.

I have always struggled with this one. I did buy a few organics gift sets, I havent sold any yet as an after thought why would I want to sell fake tan to someone when all I do is spray tanning! I might try and sell them as Christmas gifts but probably wont re-order any more.

The one retail product that has been popular is the little Fake Bake prep kits you get a little oil free moisturiser and exfoliator and they both smell lovely and they seem to sell really well.
Hi I use Vani-T tan in my home salon, they have a huge range of bodywear products. I find that the ones I sell most and therefore have in stock are the bronzing custard (a top-up tan/moisturiser) and the Body Shampoo (body wash) as these are the products that extend the life of the tan. This way they know they are using a suitable moisturiser and body wash which will not strip off there tan and the fact the custard has a small amount of dha in it, means it is also great for keeping the face topped up as well as prolonging the life of the tan if going on holiday or something similar. I don't find in any way that this affects people coming back for their spray tan as it is only a top up, not full strength.
Oh and the packaging is so gorgeous :)
Good luck xx
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We retail the full Organics range and the most popular items at my salon are the tanning mousse and the tan enhancer although to be honest we do quite well with the spray and mist too. Clients like to top up inbetween tans and for the clients who don't want a therapist applied tan, they use the mousse at home.
i use sienna x and i sell a lot of the body polish and they do a spray glitter which is really popular at this time of year!
Wow thanks for the quick responses Geeks :)!

I'm training with Sienna X but booked it ages ago before I'd properly researched my area and I've found that there are a lot of people offering it. Shame because they do have some lovely retail!

I received some Tantrick and Organics samples today (thanks Collin!) and I have made enquiries about getting some Vani-T samples. And just to confuse things I got my kit from Puri-Tan and have some of that and Nouvatan to try too. I'd just like to be able to offer a little extra - particularly a moisturiser that won't strip the tan.

If any of you are in Hampshire during December don't be surprised if everyone you see has a tan lol x
i really wouldnt worry too much if lots of people use Sienna, in my experience as long as you provide a good service it wont really matter what solution you use. Obviously you have to like it to sell it but clients like a nice tan, they wont care what solution it is!
I use fantasy tan for spray tanning and it has a range of retail products. * FANTASY TAN: Retail Products
I am also selling my machine and everything which goes with it. it is a very portable machine for being a mobile therapist, Fantasy tan not as well known as some brands but people who have it done are very impressed, it has 5 different shades so a coulour to suit every skin type.
hi...I do a lot of mobile and people often want to buy my retail products but as you say, don't have the cash on them. I have a paypal account and there is a link to it on my website, so when I am in their house I use my mobile phone, open up the internet and they can pay via card through paypal. All my clients who use this service are really pleased with the service and I now have clients who pay and book for there tans via paypal using their credit card. You can see this on my website (the link etc) at
hope this gives you an idea for accepting card payments securely
from Tracy x
Vani-T tan is great, bodywear range is excellent, smells nice and the packaging is very stylish.

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