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Sep 19, 2003
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Hazlemere, High Wycombe

First time posting!

I want to buy a good mobile tech. lamp. Can anyone give some pointers on where to go or who to go to?

Hope someone can help :D
Sawadee ka

Welcome you have to have location because if you do not lady can not help you ka .

No good she tell you go shop london if you Thailand same me ka .

Kop khun ka mui

Sorry, I'm looking for a lamp as a light source (not one to cure). I'm also based near London (thanks for the Pointer)
As I tend to be lazy and shop mail order....the only advice I can offer is that Ellisons do a portable day lamp (advertised as lightweight and compact!) Havent got it personally but if I were looking for a lamp for mobile work it would fit the bill! :D
Its in their current catlaogue page 289
give em a ring on 0845 130 6126

dunno what p and p or delivery will be like as I tend to wait till I need a bit of stuff before ordering to save on the p and p!

I guess that there are many more suppliers that would do a similar sort of thing so do ring aroound to check for the best deals!

hope this has been a bit of help!
Have a look in your local Woolworths. Last time I was in there they had some nice halogen lamps for about £8.00 I think.

B&Q also do a good range of halogen lamps, you may want to look in there.
Hi guys and gals,
this is my new lamp

Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Table Lamp.
Was £14.99 is now £ 9.99 item no. 430/8148

Comes in black Black

Fully adjustable head with switch and spring tension arms.

Weighted base and a screw on holder

Saves up to 70% energy compared with a normal bulb and lasts up to 8 times longer.

Includes 1 energy saving PL 11 watt bulb, which is the equivalent of a 75 watt normal bulb.

I thought worth a viewing
love Ruth xxxxx
Hey Ruthie Babe

You mentioned everything about the lamp, other than where you bought it from :D

It's all that V&O, gone straight to your head, luv :shock:

Dizzy Dellie
This is the one I have bought for the Nail Tech's in my salon. They cost £24.99 plus VAT from Sally's.

Am using one whilst working from home at the moment and it is excellent.

Jue 8)
Well the lamp I got is from Argos .................
So sorry...........must have been all that V&O lol

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
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