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Jan 30, 2014
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I was wondering if anyone had done this before and had any advice. I charge £25 for shellac manicure or pedicure as a mobile therapist. I am in the process of buying a salon with ongoing customers and they pay £34 for a shellac manicure.
All my mobile clients are excited for me and my new venture and I'd like them to come to the salon and continue to be clients but how do we make the transition? I don't want to just say, well these are my new prices, I've got overheads now, if you don't like it then too bad. I've had some of them as clients for 2 years. (Not a long time but feel some loyalty to them. Appreciate their business).
I've also heard on the grapevine that the local school mums would like the salon to be refreshed, which I can do, but they think it's too expensive. special offers are an option but I've got clients that I'm inheriting with the salon who are booked up months in advance so are happy to pay what they pay, so selfishly I'm thinking that I don't need to offer them a special deal.
Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
I would try and keep your loyal client base I would say to them you will offer them the services still one day a week mobile or say I am moving to premises which means it's a more relaxing environment and so on why it's going to be better not just coz u have overheads but ... £9 different if a big price jump(in the clients eyes) I think you will loose a few I only ever put my prices up odd pound or two and some clients moan... Or give your clients a special loyalty card and say it has a year expire on it 20% off the regular treatment they would get mobile with you if they come to the salon, your regulars are what you need they are your wages, good luck Hun xx
That's a great idea Becky has about a loyalty card for your old clients.
I am moving my salon 9 miles away and my existing clients are going to be paying what they pay now even though my prices are going up in the new place. The reason why I am increasing my prices is because I will be in a gym and part of my contract is to provide a 10% discount to all members and staff. My existing clients are really happy with this but I also haven't said it is permanent. Your clients will follow you I am sure, people don't like change so much these days!

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