Mobile Therapists in Horsham/Crawley?


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Luxury Beauty

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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hiya everyone

Im thinking of moving back home to where my parents live as i am having problems with my partner.

I was just wondering if there is anyone who does mobile beauty around those areas or in sussex? and if so how do you find it?

hope someone can help

i have a nail salon in Crawley... and am a busy bee... with an established client base
ive worked in horsham and crawley doing nails for over 9 yrs ... (been educating for nrly 6 of those too)

i have only been salon based so im nt too sure how busy mobile techs can be as i have never been mobile ( i couldnt drive when i went self employed so it was never an option for me)

if im honest i know the market isnt what it once was locally due to NSS popping up here there and everywhere
when i started to rent space there were no other independent salons 7 yrs ago just the odd tech here and there and now there are loads but if you offer a good service and dont try to undersell yourself i think the marklet is leveling out and people are realising that a trained tech with good education and knowledge are the way to go... i also charge well for my services and other than not getting the younger clients who come in for the one off NSS havent really affected my salon



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