Mobile therapy and parenting

:confused: I am in the middle of setting up my business, which is going good so far with having advertising through nestle promotion.

A lot of the clients have taken a price list and business card.

I am now wondering, what I can do when I have my baby, due end of this year?

What would you do?


I put mine in nursery. You can do put them in either all mornings/all afternoons/a few mornings and a few evenings or a couple of full days.

I then book my clients in around this.

You get up to 70% of your nursery fees back of WFTC so its worth having a look at that. go to Start Calculation and enter you and your partners details in and it tells you what you can get. I put down I work 30 hrs a week as you get a bonus but there are some weeks this varies. I.E some weeks I work 10 hours and others 60.

Then evening or weekend appointments I let my other half babysit. With weekends though decide whether you want to work just saturdays, just sundays or alternate weekends. With a new baby I doubt that you would want to work all the time. Make sure you set aside one day a week to spend with you, your baby and your partner. I made the mistake of working all the time and it was hard keeping a relationship happy. So I stopped all work on sundays and spent it with my family.


Thanks, kate for the infomation, I will look into it.

I suppose wheres the is a will there is a way.

I will definately keep day/s for my family.


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Hi I set up a business before I had my baby (Babies) and found that I can easily work part time without the need for a nursery.

I found it hard to part with both mine esp when they are babies, until the ripe age of 3 when I was ready for eldest to go!

I'd say: have your baby and see how you feel. I wouldn't advise going back to work full time, it's hard when you've had a baby and it is very tiring. I wouldn't put pressue on yourself to make a decision until after the baby is born either hun.

I think my clients were bugging me for tans 3 weeks my baby was born! I also did a bit of work around 5 months when baby was sleeping. A lot of clients even said bring baby with you, and sometimes, like when I'm doing a tan and the clients have kids it can be nice for them to come along and play together.

So there's way and means round it. It's very frustrating for me as I'd like a salon, but at the same time I can't afford childcare and would spend my time worrying about both children whilst I'm at work.!

I may check the link that the lady gave out before to see if I can get help with fees, that's great so thanks for that.

Good luck and PM me if you want someone to talk to about your baby and running a business.

I find it a nice change to go to work and can usually manage it around my family and DH helping.

Just read post, thanks tinky winky, I may call upon you when my baby is born for business advice. How to balance a baby and a business!


Some good advice here. I also found it helpful to let my clients know in advance roughly when I thought I would be 'out of action' ie in the lead up to having my baby and afterwards. That way they knew where they stood and everyone was great. x