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Dec 1, 2011
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Leighton Buzzard
Have a dilemma!

I am mobile, I only offer spray tanning and have only very recently started (since December). I have a few customers, not just friends and family but 'strangers' too who have found me on google or or through word of mouth. I'm not doing many tans, on average 1-2 per week, a few weeks ago when the sun came out I did 11 in 3 days but last week none and this week I only have 2 booked in so far.

I only offer evening and weekend appointments as I have a 3 year old & a 5 month old so can only work when husband is here to look after them.

I am currently in maternity leave from my evening office job and am due to return at end of June. Trouble is, it's evenings so would mean I wouldn't be able to carry on as much with my tanning and really don't want to give it up as I love it.

I've been thinking of looking into renting a room within a salon / gym / similar some nights of the week and Saturday's as was hoping that by having a 'base' it may be a way of getting more customers (from passing trade, people that are already customers of the salon etc) What do you think? Do you think I should build more customers up first, or has anyone decided to rent a room just for spray tanning before and it has worked well?

I just really want to do something now so that I don't have to go back to my admin job and risk loosing out on tanning business.

Sorry for long post - didn't really need to give you all the info, could have just asked the question!

hello I am in a similar position my first baby is now 9 months old and I reluctantly went back to my admin job 2 months ago and currently still doing it, in the next 3 weeks I am going for it and renting a space to do my nails from, my partner works full days mon-sat and I am on rotas at admin job so going to do nails in evenings/days whenever I can, Iv decided in the ideal world I would love to be a stay at home mum and a business woman I know you can't do both, so instead of staying in my unforfilling main job forever I want to give it a go, so I will be looking after my baby while my partners at work an while he's back at home I will be at admin job or when not this doing nails, in hope when I am confident it will be enough of an income I need I can say by by to being a cashier elsewhere, you just have to make sure everything is thought about planned well and secure where money and bill paying commitments are etc which is why I will be doing my admin job for the bear further also for security in the early days and if it doesn't work out I know u have tried! want it enough and my baby is now going to nursery 2 days a week to free up some of my time and it will be good for his development also and mummy can make a better job for herself and hopefully fingers crossed a self employed future with more money and time to do nice things and go out as a family, he has been with me till now 24/7 so feel little guilty about nursery but thats just me he loves it is coming on so well- sorry for long post just giving you an additional insight x
Ps congratulations on your new baby arrival :)

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