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Mar 21, 2011
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Newcastle upon tyne
Im wandering if anyone can help.
If youve read any of my past posts you will know the trials and errors of my recent business venture in the past 12 months.
You will also know that i have been looking for work and i am yet to be sucessful with this , Im so frustrated everyday i apply for jobs and get nothing back.
Two times ive had a job lined up and theyve fell through im soo sick.
My business is going steady however i said i would give it 12 months and if i didnt pick up a steady full tie income i would look for mainstream employment and run my business part time.
However one thing i have noticed is that my business is always busy late week in the evening and weekends , and i have built up a loyal client base and frequent business so im not willing to give my business up when ive came so far.
Im pretty much free mon-wed and sometimes a thurs and my tans pile in from about thurs night throgh to a weekend on a busy period.
So thats why i would like a mainstream job through the week.........but they are so hard to find :(
Does any one have any ideas on the types of jobs that dont involve mandatory weekends.
May partner works mon- fri 7am-3pm which is really ideal shifts but he works with specialist equipment within a factory.
What type of jobs can i be applying for that wont jepordise my business?
I know it's not the chosen job for many so I will make it sound better. Could you try looking at home/office hygiene (cleaning)? It's usually mornings, there's lots looking privately, and with you having a business already could you not make a new name, and advertise yourself in that field too? Will give u freedom to choose own hours and an office won't take a large cut of what the client is paying so you can charge lower prices, earn the same as you would with an agency but customer pays out less xoxo
You could try bar, pub or restaurant work, as these types of job tend to offer part time/ shift work.

Or you could try joining a temping agency and work as temp.


I have a part time job at waitrose, they have very flexible shifts like the kind you're looking for. You get lots of benefits with the company too, if you have a branch near you it might be worth a try?
Any large employer is likely to offer shift patterns on set days (think huge chains in retail or supermarkets, hospitals) the service industry such as bar work/waitressing will more than likely want you evenings and weekends. Anything in admin or eg schools will always be a day job and if it's a large enough organisation will be able to offer set days per week. Off the top of my head jobs that would fit your criteria are reception work, temping, factory work, telesales, retail. That's all without thinking about your skills. Why not look at it the other way, what skills do you have and who would tick all the boxes as an employer then approach them and ask if they could accommodate part-time? For example some of the beauty counters in retail, as you would have strong skills in this area-you get my point xx just some thoughts!
you sound as though a cleaning job would fit what your looking for.

ok so it's not the most glamorous of jobs, but I do it 25 hours a week. & I fit my tanning around it. brings in a regular wage to help towards the bills.

Good luck finding something x
Thanks everyone , some great advice going to get down to it and get searching thanks xx

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