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Mar 26, 2012
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west midlands
I have just been to my local A+F to buy some moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner to be told that it is being discontinued from all Aston and Finchers!!!! Does anyone know who is taking over the contract?? PLEASE.....x
No there is no truth in that at all. I wouldn't worry x
When I went to my local they wouldn't sell it to me they had a sign saying only for 'exclusive' salons is this on every Aston and fincher?
No mobile hairdressers or self employed x
I used to use it all the time untill I had the same problem they would only sell in bulk to salons as I went mobile I couldn't get it, so Iv turned to argan oil love it u can get this from Sally's x
I also tried to buy some yesterday fromAF .. They told me salon only :(
I've never had a problem with this x
Hey, I went to aston and fincher today to stock my shelves with Moroccanoil.
wanted to get 12 oils, shampoo, conditioner, masks and a few brushes and they said I can only have £1000 max a month!

This to me is outrageous!!!! was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
Absolutely gutted about this,i bought into moroconoil with my local aston and fincher a few months back now placing a minimum order of over £300 to open an account. Im a freelance hairdresser, so was retailing and using it on all my clients, aswel as family and friends. went to restock yesterday and have been told the same its now salon only. there wanting to make it more exclusive. so gutted about it esp as all my pricelists etc say i use and retail this product:(
swap to macadamia oil and just explain to clients its a better price for them, im sure they wont mind saving a few pounds. plus i actually prefer macadamia have you tried it?
I absolutely love the MO products. It is hard to find here too unless you have an account with them.

I picked up my supplies earlier this month at Premier Orlando beauty show and they scan each item, take your driving licence/ID and scan it in against each product. It states that it is only for personal use or retail in a brick and mortar premises.

They go after online sellers too as they want to keep it more exclusive/professional. I don't mind this and wish more brands did this.
Hi guys, totally gutted i had a moroccanoil account with aston and fincher, but unfortunately as freelance hairdresser i can no longer purchase it as its been made exclusive to salon.
My only predicament is now ive got all my family and friends hooked (not to mention clients.) and they are all running low on their hair oils so was wanting to get them some as xmas gifts, just wondered if you guys knew the best place to now purchase this from at the best price, gutted at now having to pay full when been use to paying trade prices:rolleyes: but yes if you guys have any recommendations would be much appreciated. thanks guys. xx

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