Most popular Creative & Essie nail colours


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Jun 24, 2004
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Sharpthorne, West Sussex
I'm just getting started as a nail technician and would like to know your most popular Creative & Essie nail colours. Look forward to hearing from you all
Hi toodles,

if you call cnd at leeds, not sure about the number, they will be able to let you know the top ten most popular colours. Perhaps you could email samantha sweet and she will definately have the number for leeds,

Michelle x
Hi there Toodles - do a SEARCH by clicking the icon above and put in 'favorite colours' we have done this thread a few times but I can tell you off hand as far as CND goes:

Moonlight & Roses
Cream Puff
Burgundy Foil
Satin Sheets
Chilled Champagne
Lighten Up

etc etc..... are some although everyone has their own personal faveorites!! HTH's
Thanks Mrs Geek, I'll do that
Essie is known mostly for their sheer "frenchie" kind of colors. Do a search on their site, and they can give you their top 20. I know some off hand, because I use Essie A LOT.
Blanc, Waltz, Ballet Slipper, Madamoiselle, Sheer Bliss, Future's French, Like Linen, Adore-A-Ball, Marshmallow, Allure, East Hampton name a few.
I use Essie's Marshmallow and Allure for a soft, natural French manicure with lovely results. Blanc is Essie's much brigher white, but for some reason I can never get on with doing a bright white French manicure no matter what product I use.

If a client has discoloured nails (from wearing dark polish without a basecoat) and wants a French manicure I use Ballet Slippers for the pink base. It disguises the yellow without completely covering up the white.

I also love 'Macks' a deep, dark red colour.

Best wishes,

Thanks Diya. Very useful :)
Any more most popular colours from anyone?

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