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Feb 21, 2012
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My salon is open Christmas Eve and then obviously closes for Christmas. I open just one day in between- on the Tuesday 29th as this is our late night. Its not that busy I'm booked with clients from 3-8pm and was just going to go in the hours we have clients ( start at three if no one else books)

However a salon close to ours is opening on the 29th,30th and 31st this worries me and makes me question wether we should open? I have been at my salon for 6 years and noticed it doesn't really get that busy in between Christmas and New Years as everyone tends to have treatments for Christmas and do not need anymore so I thought rather than open for a few days and have treatments spread out to just open that one day and hope people book then. The other salon only opened last year or maybe the year before (I can't remember as time seems to go so fast) so I'm thinking that maybe they just open as they think it will be a busy time.

What do you think? Should I open as I don't want my clients to go to them as we are not open ( although we haven't Had much demand for after Xmas) I'm worried about the last minute people.

How do you find it at your salon does it tend to get busy in this in between period?

Would really appreciate your advise :)
Hi we are open till 1pm Christmas Eve then closed until Tues 29th when we are working 10-8pm, same 30th & New Year's Eve till 1pm again. We always open Monday's (usually a day that we close) on the run up to Christmas to manage demand. We do however always close for the first 2 weeks in January & will not reopen till Tuesday 12th. This is the 8th year we have done this & all our clients expect it now. We are all shattered & ready for the break & our clients have had everything done ready for Christmas & new year which then makes sure the second half of January we are really busy again.
I would say you should do what you feel is best for your area, don't necessarily be influenced by others. You know your own business better than anyone so trust your own instinct. If clients want appointments they will always book when you are open & if not they will ask if you're open on different dates. Why not consider running a poll of opinion from your clients in preparation of next year?
I close for two weeks from Christmas Eve! That's time for me to jet off and have some well deserved time off! Besides we have opened for new year in the past and so many people forget how to pick up the phone and cancel their appointments so we are all say there like "where is everyone"! So I just enjoy the Christmas holidays and take some time to chill. My clients don't blame me so they are all understanding :) x
I'm beauty and I close from Christmas eve until my first normal working day in January after new years day.

When I have opened I find I'm really quiet and get a few no shows or cancellations so I would prefer to have some time off with my family.

This year I'm going to Amsterdam from 11th to 14th as well so I should be busy the rest of the month xx
I'm finishing 5pm wed 23rd then I'm only in on 30th, then off again til mon 4th.

Make your decision, stick to it, and enjoy. It's not all about the money. Time off with loved ones is priceless. Xx
I'm working til 3 Christmas Eve, then have fri, sat, sun & mon off then back in for tues, weds, thurs then again off fri, sat, sun, mon then back to normal! X
These are our hours and I'm fully booked
But actually I worked 12 - 8 this Monday and left tonight at 9.
I've also extended the 29th to 7 to accommodate some more people and I'm debating opening up on min 28th.
BUT i don't have kiddies and my parents host Xmas so I don't really have to do anything other than some online shopping
I think it depends wether your in hair or beauty or both to wether in between is busy! I've only ever worked in a hair salon not a mixed and we always opened up in between just shorter hours we limited nye to blow drys only and everyone was fully booked including me who was an apprentice at the time! Maybe ask your regulars say for next year that your looking to open in between Christmas and new year and see what the response is me personally I would go somewhere in between as I know it would be quieter than in the run up to Christmas x
We work in between xmas and nye, not only is it nice to get away from the family & friends, its almost like a break in itself! :)
I took it off two or three years ago for a friends wedding, and the amount of telephone messages i had when i came back made me rethink to open. For me its worthwhile as clients want different things after xmas and they have extra disposable income to treat themselves!

You have the clients that want an dramatic change just before they go back to work on the Monday or if they work in retail on that Sunday looking a bit more fresh faced from a facial perhaps. We booked lots of our brow appointments for those people that are working through- we just have a nice little catch up! One of my therapists is amazing at lashes, and she gets tons of bookings inbetween to flutter away at the hunky men on nye! You might get inundated with clients wanting that last minute spraytan because they're all going out! See if your clients do come in, but make the hours more flexible for yourself. Don't forget to keep reinforcing that you are open, tell them not to panic, and most importantly treat yourself to a pedi before you go back to work! xoxo
We are closed from 25th - 5th Jan.
Enjoy some well needed time off after the Christmas rush [emoji5]️
I open by appointment between Christmas and New Years. I'm not gonna turn work down. But I'm not gonna sit twiddling my thumbs!
I'd rather spend time with family. Or catch up with book keeping!

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