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Jul 18, 2013
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Blyth, Northumberland
hello everyone. I've been in my salon 16 months and have the chance to move into another onemuch better inside and much better location even though it's only up the road. My shop has a tiny beauty room, no storage and I have to do my spray tans in the bathroom, no heating or hot water and single glazed in a residential/guest house area amongst lots of "half way houses". The new place is in a more commercial area right next to the metro station and lots of other shops, it has double glazing, 2-3 beauty rooms loads of storage a separate toilet and shower, heating, hot water, steel back door and shutters plus more!! Plus it's only £25 per month more rent AND my current landlord is selling anyway so could end up with a new landlord or someone wanting to use it for their own use. I've got a good reputation going and a lot of word of mouth clientele coming in. The property I'm looking at moving to was a salon but wasn't very popular or busy and also left on bad terms. I'm a little worried I will be tarred with the same brush for example... I don't want people to say "oh no don't go to that one on ? Road" meaning the previous salon in that building when actually it's now me in there with my pretty new business. I would plan on plastering the Word all over the place and letting everyone know as soon as things are finalised but I can't help feeling unsure. Has anyone else moved their business into another property which was previously another salon? Any advice welcome please respond even if it's just to say yeah go for it or no don't. Thank you xx
I'd go for it, but just make sure to put 'under new management' signs everywhere, plus on your flyers/price lists too X
I wouldn't worry about the reputation of the old salon. You're a new business with a new name and a new shop front. Change the decor, make it completely different.
What does your lease say about a new landlord taking over? Would they automatically get you as a tenant or can you just leave? Sounds great. Good luck with it all.
Go for it! Sounds like a bargain for only £25 a month more. As everyone else says, get a big banner etc saying "new management" and also host an open day or evening with all of your leaflets and maybe product samples in goody bags etc with balloons outside, so that its obvious that something is happening and then people will realise that the previous owners have gone. Changing the name from the old salon will do it too. Sounds like a great opportunity to me, as long as you can get out of your current contract without any legal problems.
Good Luck.

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