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Jan 27, 2005
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North Yorkshire
Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help? I cannot sign onto MSN and have tried all usual troubleshooting things, just wondered if any one else if having probs?

Thanks x
not sure if this will help but i recently had to get rid of msn on my computer due to a virus going round on it:eek:.i had a message that said it had come from my sister and it was to click in to a website i cant remember the name exactly but it had the words hot models in appeared as if my sister was telling me to check it out so i went to go into it and my security on my computer said it didnt know what it was i lucky that i didnt go into it not saying yours is the same problem but just be careful.hope you get it sorted.
Are you sure you have your password correct and user name?

I have been using MSN or years and have never had virus problems. The virus come from e-mails possibly that have been sent to your msn hotmail address but not from the actual MSN program if it was downloaded from the MSN site.
Yes, checked everything I can think of, thats why I thought maybe MSN were having probs, rather than it being on my side, oh well, I dunno? I have removed it from the computer and am trying to reinstall it but it won't even load the msn instant messanger download programme page properly now!! GGRRRRR!!!!! Hope it works soon will be lost without it!! Thanks for replies so far xxx
Try downloading it from the Microsoft website instead of the MSN site. I couldnt get the one from the MSN site to work either.

Go to Microsoft and search for MSN you will find it that way.


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