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Jan 9, 2003
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HowdA All...

I wanted to pop a big ol thanks to the following people for their recent donations:

Renee Zollo, Ruth Fordham and Antony Buckley.
Your contributions help keep the site on-line and free from advertisers. (Adverts suck)

On other news...
  • A minor amendment to the Geek Wear shop... A journal. Why? Got me... I thought they looked cool so I popped it up.
  • The message board now sports over 720 members and coming up to 10,000 messages. This is starting to turn into a massive repository for nail information. Remember that the search system will only search registered user forums if you are logged in... otherwise it doesn’t even look for your search in those forums.
  • Don't forget that Monday nights at 8pm (GMT - London) are the scheduled chat nights... although you can chat whenever you fancy it.

Or as they say in the old smoke...............Your welcome......
I hate pop ups and adverts and if this is the way to keep the site free, then this little bit is as they say skin of my nose ..............

Brill site, brill chats, brill topics, brill people so it's only fair if I do my bit ............
love Ruth xxxxxxx
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