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May 12, 2003
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Well, thank you all for your kind words on the Chatter Board. :)

My first day went quite well. I went in and set up my display, my nail enamels look gorgeous on their stand! Lot's of people came in and out but they were all Tanning Customers. :(

I got quite a few enquiries though, mainly about Manicures which suprised me. :o A lot of people who came in said they want to grow their nails but don't know what to do.

I suggested that they firstly have a manicure (i.e Spa) and then continue to have these as often as they would like, maybe once or twice a month.
But in between time have a weekly file and paint with mini manicure to keep the nails in good condition to help them grow.

They seemed very interested, but the only problem was as my cards or leaflets are not printed yet, I had nothing to give them to take away & look at.

I am expecting them soon though and the customers are all regulars so said that it was okay and that they will get one when they are next in.

I only had one customer all day and that was at 5 o'clock, by which time I was tired because I got there at 9am. She was the girlfriend of one of the lads who runs the shop and she wanted a natural nail overlay. I was a bit nervous :? as it was the first time I had done a full set of these, but it went okay. :D

I popped in today for a couple of hours, and he said that she was really pleased with them, which I am happy about. :D

I know that it will be quiet to start off with, but it is just off putting when you have worked one full day, but just earned under £20! :( I know that this is to be expected though.

I am going to start taking my nail trainer in so that I can practise whilst it is quiet, and then when people come in they can see what I am doing and how they look. :)

It is a nice feeling knowing that I am working for myself at 21 and that I can take it as far as I want and build up my skills. 8)

So thank you for the Luck that you all wished me, I just hope that my first full week goes as well!
Hi ya babe,
Just an idea, you have a pc, you have a printer????
Until the stuff from the printers arrive, do some small leaflets on the pc and print them off. You can also get blank business cards and design some yourself.
Just a little bit of info on there to what you do, what you will be offering.
Maybe a little bit about Manicures and Extensions. A little bit about your contact details and any thing you might be offering or promoting in the near future.
Just a thought
But hey aint it great when you work for yourself !!!!!!
As long as there are people coming though the door, the business is soon to follow. It always takes a bit of time to get up and going. Taking the nail trainer is a great idea, it stops you from getting bored and people will see you being active, better then sloping over a desk and reading a magazine or muching away on a sandwich(not very professional)
Good luck
love Ruth xxxxx
hi bn3

i opened a salon in february and it was very slow to start with don't give up keep going it's now been 18 weeks since i had my salon and business has really picked up just takes a while for them to know your there.
Like ruth said to start with i printed my own leaflets and price list on the computer cost pennies to do and at least you will have them till your other ones arrive

Best of luck thinking of you
hi ya, it sounds very exciting opening up your 1st you rent space in a tanning salon? or do you do the tanning aswell? i am just furthering my skills at the moment and training with creative this week, im doing the creative conversion and spa man/ped...then i want to learn airbrushing...ive got my compressor and included is a training day, so that will be in the next few you offer airbrushing, nail art? good luck for the future, it'll be very interesting to here how u get have u marketed your new business?
vicx :D
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