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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
For anyone that hasn't seen my nail art go to's a few piccies in the web album and if you go to links and click on my gallery you can see tons more! :D

Hope you like it!
What do you all think of my nail art :?:

I'm getting worried as some people have looked at it but no-one has replied! :(

Also, if there was a problem accessing the piccies could someone let me know.

Hi Kelly,

I really love the tiger nails. I think something similar will find its way on to my nail art boards. :D
they all look fab kelly, hope to achieve some like that soon when I get me airbrush system. :D

Hi Kelly,

Loved the nails!!

You have inspired me to start my own site!!

Thanks for your kind words about my site. I wish you all the best for your site. When you have finished it let me know the address and we can link pages.
Okay, ok, everyone's nails are beautiful.

I am about to prove to you how good you are, cuz I'm gonna link to my most recent nails!!

I have the world's WORST digital camera (webcam actually) and this was the best I could get, honest! :(

I am proud that I got my left hand looking similar to my right hand (not shown). I used poster paints and clear polish. They are supposed to be flower-type things. LOL! Keep in mind that I am not a professional, this is just a creative outlet. I don't do anyone elses nails but my own, so no one else will have to suffer LOL...

notmuffy, they're really cute!!

I know what you mean about getting both hands the same :rolleyes: one day I'll get around to posting some of the pix I have....

Wow! It looks like you've got your tiger stripes down to a fine art!

I'm gonna have to practice some more.

Kx :rainbow:
nail star,
I couldn't get your websalbum to load in Netscape 7. It just stuck on "loading" but never seemed to finish!
Notmuffy, not sure why it wouldn't load but if you go to my gallery on the links page you'll find a lot of my nail art on there!

Sorry about that!
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