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May 4, 2010
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ipswich suffolk uk
Hi all,

This is my reply before it is closed again

"Perhaps you just do not want to hear or read the truth"

This was what upset me. Im all for advice but that sujests that i cant be bothered and because i am new to this im looking for an answer that i have not read before....

i have spent alot of time checking through this site...

I do have money to buy a new lamp,,,but because i read some where else that buying lamps for certain brands keeping to that brand is not nessasary......on other sites who may i quote are very polite and helpful are telling me different hence why i wanted to check with everyone on here.....

Yes i am new to this and we all learn everyday....i just did'nt like that paragraph. perhaps everyone needs to take a chill pill sometimes. Its only a be honest it seems the same people are the ones making the arguement....Might well keep to the other site...

PS: On the other site, im not the only one who thinks this forum gets heated alot of the time and to be honest within 5 minutes of posting my reply on there about this issue i have 14 replys saying that they agree with me.....

thank you for your time i wish everyone the best in their
...and we wish you the best for the future on the other forum too.

Most other forums have been born out of this very successful one. People come on here with questions and when they dont get the answers they want, they get upset and flounce off somewhere else, or start their own forum and then spend ages bitching and moaning about how unfriendly this one is.

Well I wonder where the other forums will be in 7 years time.

Going back to your previous thread, which I closed, you commented on the fact that there were lots of threads already about the subject but you didnt have time to read through them all. Whilst I can respect that as a mother of two at home, you dont have time to read forums all day, however you did not seem to think that it would be an issue for this mother of two who runs two businesses to be able to spend the time replying to the same old same old question day after day.

The message is still there for all to see, if you dont want to follow manufacturers guidelines then dont, but then dont expect to be able to get help and assistance when you ask questions and get straight from the hip answers.

Which would make you learn more - honest, tried and tested sometimes gritty advice or someone who tells you everything in the garden is rosey and everything you are doing is just fine and dandy.

The thing which is coming out in shedloads on here is that if a manufacturer is telling you something, you must not believe them because, after all they are trying to sell you something. What has gone wrong in this world that there is such a distrust of those who have spent millions in research.

OK many companies are like this, but there are equally many companies who are trustworthy and want the best for the customers - afterall without customers trust where would they be.
Perhaps people on other forums aren't as well educated as on this one? That IS possible. I know it from personal experience that can sometimes be the case.

Having said that.... if you visit this forum, then you have already seen this debate come up. And you KNOW what answers will be given.

A post like this does nothing but stir up trouble.

As for people being rude. It's not rude to give information or advice.
What's rude is not accepting said advice because it's not the answer that you WANT to hear.
Rude is suggesting to others to take a chill-pill. It's rather rude to trash others when they aren't there to defend themselves (as done on other forum according to you).
You have been provided with scientic facts as to why other lamps won't be suitable. If other people want to live with their ignorance and be happy about it, happy trails to them.

Frankly, I don't give a hoot what other forums think of this one.
I have been on other forums. I've seen rudeness there. What I haven't seen is the support and comraderie that is found here.
Nor the knowledge base.
If you prefer the other, then stay there. No one is hog-tying you to this one.
Because complaining here about this one isn't going to make you any friends.
And by stirring up hornet's nests even less so.

And you ought not be throwing stones when living in a glass house re: "making judgements" since you seem to be well on your way to doing that yourself.
You have just said it all.. Just proved to me that you can be rude...Again i was not rude in my comments at all....Everyone who has replied to that has been rude.....with their posts....

Just wanted to ensure that everyone calms down and relax...there are more things to worry about in the world than arguing with each other over nails... Its all trail and error at the end of the day...i will learn and i will get there....

Like someone just mentioned some products recommend their own brand to get more money some others dont.....again trail and error..

Do you have a whole wall of different lamps for different products will need another room just for lamps.....

The other forum has been going for quite some time and are leading in other countries....Has thousands upon thousands of members...
On their nail techs have been qualified for a number of years and mention something different...

Seems that everyone has different methods....some work for them, some dont.....
You can argue until you're purple in the face.
Clearly, you think you can speak as you like and talk to others in whatever manner you see fit and it's ok.
But no one dare say a word, else you find it rude :rolleyes:

Perhaps you just do not want to hear or read the truth.
It's YOU that doesn't want to hear the truth.

Me thinks this thread ought to be closed before I am tempted to BE RUDE and thrash the troll.

WHOOPS too late. Referred to you as a troll.
NOW I HAVE been rude.
One thing which gets missed a lot on forums is the differences from country to country.

Somethings which happen in say the USA will be very different to what may happen in say the UK.

In the USA there are many, many generic gel brands for example and they seem to be quite happy being cured by a generic lamp.

However, there are certain more advanced gel products which are only curable with the manufacturers recommended lamp. If you ask IBD which lamp will cure their gels and they say, any generic lamp then you can accept that, if however they say it has to be their lamp then if you go against thei recommendation and you have an issue, your insurance may not cover you.

The answer to not having numerous lamps is to find a product or company you like and have trust in and stick with them - that is what I have done - I have two lamps - an original grey Brisa lamp and now the new white CND lamp.

If you are the sort of person who likes to chop and change on a regular basis then you will have to accept that if you want to get the best from your system then you need to use it as it is recommended.

It is like L&P mix ratio - if you stick with the same mix ratio for all products then you will get major problems.

No one is being rude, please dont confuse rudeness with passion and frustration, but this has gone on for months and months and months (probably years) over the lamp issues.
So funny,,, dont you have a im actually laughing quite mad......troll have i said any names. just proves to me that your the one in the wrong here cant quite admit it yet...

pitty you dont have a life and not happy in it.... wish you the best
Yet another padlock. I feel like a jailor today, with all these locks!
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